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President's Message

After joining Kowloon Toastmasters Club for many many years, I finally become the club president.

In so many years, I have seen some people stay, some people leave Toastmaster. I choose to stay and continue to contribute. It is because Toastmaster is really a place to me to polish my English and speaking skills. These are like weight training. If you get a lazy for a while, your muscle lax. You need an environment to keep up and improve speaking skills. In modern world, everybody is a sales of some kind, everybody needs to communicate with colleagues, customers, bosses, clients and competitors. Public speaking skills would be a great help in those communications. Public speaking also help to boost your confidence and thoughts, making your stand out from the pack. You may said why should I improve public speaking skills, I seldom speak to a group. If you are not able to communicate to a group of people comfortably and confidently, I dare to say your career and even your life are capped.

Just like swimming and cycling, public speaking skills have to be acquired. Toastmaster offer a fun and non-publishing environment to acquire those skills.

This year, it is my honour to have a very strong and experienced team of executive committee. Their dedication will definitely help to grow the club and train up the next generation of toastmasters. As a matter of fact, your support and participation is the most important. Just join our club, speak more and come more. We can definitely grow and excel together.

Leo Lo
Kowloon Toastmasters Club

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